Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Memory and I, we go a long way back 
I have tried to kill her many times 
Tried pushing her into a well 
From the edge of a cliff top 

But she was stubborn like a stain 
Refusing to leave my side 
She drained me, took away everything 
And so I decided to trick her 

We went on a journey by boat 
Into the ocean at night 
Side by side, frolicking 
Sharing a jolly time 

It's time for you to go, I tell her 
She looks at me in panic 
I can see the pleading in her eyes
I try to shrug it off 

I take out my matchbox and light a matchstick 
In the flickering flame I see her weeping 
Before having second thoughts 
I light her on fire and watch her burn and burn

Burn till she's no more than a fistful of ashes 
Lying on the floor of the boat
I take it and scatter it in the water around me 
Watching it floating and dissolving, becoming one with the ocean

I look around, dawn is breaking 
The sky is turning a blushing pink 
I row back to the shore all alone 
Feeling strangely empty 

Her death was what I wanted all this while 
But now that she's gone, why do I feel so guilty?
Why this hole in my chest? 
I walk back to my life, each step heavy with exhaustion... 


  1. So very unAthira like poetry ! Why such sinister thoughts ? Too heavy a dose of Tragedy and that too very unconvincing. As I said very unlike you to write such a gloomy piece .

    1. This was written randomly. Thank you for your comment, Mr Parsa. I shall definitely try to improve the next time.


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