Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Red And White

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Tiny slashes across her wrists 
Drop by drop, red against white
Blood on ceramic 
The physical pain now matching her inner turmoil 

A little compassion was all she wanted 
Her cries for help fell on deaf ears 
She was supposed to be immune 
Locking away her emotions like she was expected to 

Her sanity went oozing out 
One, two, three... 
Too much in such a little time
Life was what had happened to her 
In this corner of a dusty bathroom 

People like her had no place in a cruel world 
They were labeled as weaklings
Survival of the fittest was the rule
Weeded out one by one

Blade against smooth skin 
She had given up
But now she had a new reason to fight
To carry on living 
Inside her a new life bloomed 

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