Monday, February 29, 2016

Old school love

I find you in between the pages of old handwritten letters. A mild whiff of vanilla that tickles my nose. Inside the reels of tape recorder cassettes. Twisting and turning, a mass of tangled, glossy film.

I find you inside pressed flowers of my overused, over scribbled school notebooks. Peek-a-boo. Inside glittering greeting cards, in the cursive loop of your name underneath all those Merry Christmases and Happy New Years'. 

I find you in the clouds of baby pink candy floss sold by the end of the street each day. Melt-in-my mouth, you always do. A warm sugary sweetness. 

In the touch-me-nots, that withers upon my touch, your presence lingers. A melancholic melody.

Most of all, I find you inside me. A memory that refuses to fade, growing only stronger with age. An old school love. You and me. Me and you. 


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