Thursday, February 4, 2016


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Exploring new places. Trying out different cuisines. Meeting new people. The symptoms are stronger than ever before. You, my dear, have gotten a bad case of wanderlust. 

Pack up your suitcases, take your camera and maybe some of those books that have been gathering dust on your bedside table. The notebooks that you have been meaning to write in; pack them too, you will need it. Leave behind those labels and boxes that are stifling you. 

Excess baggage is certainly not permitted. They are best left back. A solo trip, that's what you crave. 

Those shorts that have been bought and stuffed in the back of your cupboard because you never got around to losing that roll of excess fat, pack that too. Nobody is going to judge and certainly not care, this is your trip. Spread your wings and fly. And who knows, maybe, just maybe you may discover who you are. 


  1. These are great words. They seem like they ought to be saved and used for something again and again.

    A travel company? A blurb for a book of dreams?

    I don't know. But it is inspiring.

    1. Food for thought maybe? Thanks a lot, Nasreen!

  2. I hate carrying luggage during vacation. Travelling light is always the best option :D Your description is making me crave another vacation

    1. Mine too. But I always end up with overweight luggage on account of all my books!


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