Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Review- Bookends by Jane Green

As much as I hate the term 'chick-lit', which I personally feel is a very sexist way of labeling a book, Jane Green is an author who weaves beautiful stories often around wonderful women. Bookends is a feel good book that you can relate to very easily. Especially if you are a woman who loves this genre of writing. Bookends is narrated in the first person by Catherine Warner, known as Cath among her friends. The story revolves around her and her bunch of friends. Simon or Si as he is known, is her best friend despite being total opposites. But one thing that's common between them is that they are yet to find Mr. Right. 

The title of the book had me all curious when I started reading it as the book promised to be very interesting. And I was not disappointed to say the least. The story progresses further to show how Cath's love for books soon turns into a career choice when her friend Lucy proposes to open a bookshop cum cafe. Along with Lucy's help in cooking and her passion for books and in the hopes of achieving a life long dream, Cath soon quits her job in the advertising agency to pursue her dream. 

Josh and Lucy are married with a devil spawn child Max and his terrifying Swedish nanny Ingrid, adds to the drama that is maintained throughout the story. And being a lover of drama, I just had to love this one! In a series of flashback, it is revealed that Josh, Si and Cath were all together during college along with their queen bee Portia. Beautiful, smart Portia, who was best friends with Cath and who breaks all of their hearts one collective night. 

And when she reappears into their lives one fine day, she changes the lives of the four friends as their friendship goes for a toss. Also, playing Cath's confidant and budding crush is the gorgeous James, the real estate agent who also happens to be a talented artist, who seems more than happy to turn up on Cath's doorstep unannounced. 

Bookends is a story of friendship, marriages, relationships, trust and growing up. The book also tackles some serious issues such as the awareness of AIDS and the awareness of being a HIV positive in our society. Though the tone is light and her writing captivating as always, the book does address some serious issues that needs to be brought to light. 

There is something about Jane Green's writing that makes you wrapped up in her words and just lose yourself in it. I have loved all the few books of hers that I have read so far and Bookends is more the so appealing if you are a bibliophile! A definite five on five stars for me. Go, give this one a read and I am sure you won't be able to stop till you turn the last page. Happy Reading!

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