Monday, May 26, 2014

Till death do us part

Death awaits me. I can feel its ice cold fingers on my throat. Now on my arms. I open my eyes. Am I hallucinating? I lie on her lap. Her delicate fingers cradle me. Tears from her eyes fall on my cheeks. I can feel her wiping the wetness away. Don't, I want to tell her. But my body no longer obliges my commands. I am losing control. What grave mistake had I done to deserve this? All I had wanted was to live with the woman I chose. But here I was, waiting for death. Would fate show me any mercy? This was not how it was supposed to end. We had just begun our lives. Me and her. As one. As lovers. As soul mates. I do not want to die, I scream inside but all that comes out is unrecognizable babble. 

Why me. Why me. Not because I am scared to die. But because I have still not had enough of loving her. I can feel the acid burning its way into my organs, melting away my skin. I can hear someone screaming. Is that her voice? I am losing her. I can feel it in my bones.

A vengeful acid attack, by her family and the so called moral society. To take her away from me. I want to tell her one last time how much she means to me. How my entire world changed because of her gentleness. Of her patient, sacred love. Before they take her away from me. I am now falling into darkness. I can't feel her. Anymore. 

And the crime that I had committed? That I was born a woman.


  1. Aah I expected some heinous crime at the right, did not see that coming! Well written!

    1. Thanks a lot Midnight scribbles :) Just tried my hand at something new :)

  2. “Till death do us part”—I was intrigued by the title and expecting something else started to read with a grin on my face only to be left with a sting after reading it.
    I do wonder whether this society will ever change, whether when we will start respecting individuality.

    As ever your expressions are hearts touching!

    1. Thanks so much, Love. Society will never change unless each person makes a conscious effort to change oneself. And of course, it always easy to point fingers at others without looking at yourself first.

      Thank you!


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