Friday, May 9, 2014

Dear Curls, I miss you

Dearest curly hair of mine,

I have never thought that there would come a day I would be saying this out aloud, but I MISS YOU! Ever since the day I could remember, I have hated you. In fact, we had a love hate relationship going on since the time I could remember. You were one thing that I absolutely hated. Yes, I did detest you when I was growing up. During my teens, you were my enemy. But at some point when I grew up, I realized that you were not so bad. That you could be tamed and you actually looked good for a change. 

But managing curly frizzy hair was too much of a bother. So when hair smoothening and hair straightening were all the rage, I went and got you smoothened couple of years back. And boy, do I regret it to this day. Of course, you looked great when initially. I could leave my hair open without actually worrying about how it would like after couple of minutes. We had our good days. I loved the way how you lay all curly and wavy towards the end and all smooth near the roots. 

But then all good things come to an end. And you decided to teach me a lesson. You started growing. Yes, those Maggi noodle look alike tendrils started growing back. So that now I am left with something that's partially curly and all straight towards the end. Basically, now you look like something the cat dragged in. I guess it would be a few more months for you to grow back fully. 

I promise you that I would never ever go for any sort of chemical treatments again. I would forever be grateful if you bestow me with your curliness. Dear curls, come back soon (fully). I miss you. I do realize how precious you were once you went missing. Counting the days till I will be protected by your halo once more.

Yours forever,

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